National Pest Observation Repository

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iPiPE has partnered with the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health to facilitate cooperation between an already impressive array of participants. The National Pest Observation Repository allows for the aggregation of data on pests and diseases. Different organizations and groups use different systems of collecting data; this data aggregation allows for a more complete picture of pests and disease that will be available to researchers and those building models to better determine risk of pest and disease outbreaks. Many people are striving toward the same goal, and this repository permits data sharing through collaboration, not competition.

All data from iPiPE will be made available. Some data will be shared in real time, while other data will be held for a maximum of 3 years before release. Any portion of the data that may be shared publicly will be made available along with the over 3 million records that are currently hosted in this system. For data that is more confidential, a "shopping cart"- like interface will be available for users to request full data access. Once data is selected and requested by the user, associated authorized representatives will be notified for approval. For more information, please click here