Vegetables (Massachusetts)
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Vegetable Program Team Leader, UMass Extension


In the last USDA Agricultural Census of 2012, Massachusetts farms generated over $490 million in total sales, 42% of which came from sales of fruits, berries, vegetables, and potatoes. Massachusetts has 1,428 vegetable farms, totaling 17,700 acres, and it leads the nation in direct sales to consumers. Diversified crop production is common in Massachusetts, with growers often producing more than 30 different vegetable crops on one farm. There is a need to provide direct, on-farm scouting training to newer growers and it is important that scouting data is diversified to meet grower needs.

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Our objective is to provide timely, accurate, and practical IPM decision-making support to diversified growers in Massachusetts and New England. We will accomplish this by producing weekly Pest Alerts that will reach over 2,600 growers through our publication Vegetable Notes. In addition, we will enhance our outreach and technical capacity by contributing to a national pest alerting system through iPiPE. Our expected outcome is that each of 5-10 vegetable growers whom we work with in Massachusetts and 20% of our Vegetable Notes Pest Alert readers will implement a new IPM practice that will “reduce adverse environmental effects from pest management practices and enhance farm profitability”. 

Target Pests

Imported cabbageworm, Diamondback moth, Cabbage looper, Caterpillars, Cabbage root maggot, Alternaria, Black rot, Flea beetle.

Beet and Swiss chard: Cercospora and leaf miner.

Cucurbits: Striped cucumber beetles, squash vine borer, Multiple diseases.

Onion: Purple blotch, downy mildew, thrips, onion maggot.

Pepper: European corn borer, pepper maggot.

Potato: Potato leaf hopper, Colorado potato beetle, Multiple diseases.

Sweet corn: European corn borer, Corn ear worm, Fall armyworm, western bean cutworm.

Tomato: Hornworm, Multiple diseases (Early blight, Late blight).

tomato hornworm
Tomato hornworm, (Manduca quinquemaculata) (Haworth)
Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State

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