Outputs and Outcomes of iPiPE Crop-Pest Programs

Work on two of the most important objectives of the iPiPE CAP is directed by Crop-Pest Program (CPP) Coordinators.  

  • The first of these objectives is to encourage and facilitate stakeholders who collect pest data to submit their observations to the iPiPE.  
  • The second objective is to recruit and train undergraduate student interns.  
  • An important component of the student internship is to help CPP Coordinators with the first objective. 

The link below leads to a compilation of the outputs and learning outcomes related to these two objectives for each of the Crop-Pest Programs in each year of the iPiPE CAP.  

  • Outputs are considered activities, services, events or products that engage stakeholders in iPiPE. 
  • Learning outcomes are often considered short-term changes in awareness, knowledge attitudes skills, opinions, aspirations and motivations in the target audience.  
  • After a period of time, learning outcomes can develop into action outcomes relate to changes in behaviors, practices, and decisions made by CPP stakeholders. 
The information is provided in a large table for each year.  To navigate the table efficiently, you will need to click on the "Open with" tab at the top of the screen and choose "Google Sheets".  The program will take about 10 seconds to load the table.  Because of its size, the table is not mobile device friendly.  

Now click the links below to view the tables.  

Available Outputs and Outcomes