The iPiPE Project Mixer (iPMx)


At the beginning of each year, Crop-Pest Programs Coordinators (CPPCs), Student Interns, Support Providers (Evaluation, Research, IT Services, Outreach and Education team members), Project Directors, and Advisory Board Members meet at the iPiPE Project Mixer (iPMx).

The purpose of the iPMx is to reinforce and promote the iPiPE vision of progress through sharing and face-to-face interaction.

During the iPMx: 

  • New participants (and those continuing) learn about the organization of iPiPE and each participant's responsibilities (who to turn to for information and help).
  • Participants learn how to use new (and on-going) tools and services provided by the IT Services, Evaluation, Research, and Education & Outreach support components of iPiPE 
  • IT Services, Evaluation, Research, and Education & Outreach support providers learn how Crop-Pest Program Coordinators and interns used the tools and services in 2015 to engage stakeholders to participate in iPiPE and how the tools and services should be modified to enhance their use and meet Crop-Pest Program participant needs in the future
  • Crop-Pest Program Coordinators draft of Stakeholder Engagement Plans for the upcoming season 
  • Student attendees presented posters highlighting their summer activities and provided feedback to improve the iPiPE intern experience
  • Advisory Board member discuss strategies for sustaining Crop-Pest Programs and the iPiPE