Past, Present and Future collages

This is my future collage. I used a drop shadow for the words, and also used some filters for my pictures. The go army picture i put on, was because when I graduate i plan on going into the army, I want a big house, I want to get married in the bahamas, and someday grow old with whomever I marry. Also, something I plan on is getting a yellow jeep wrangles, which is my favorite car, and I also will die sometime n my future, so...thats my reasoning behind all the photos in this collage:)

This is my present day collage, the most important things to me are my friends and my family now. So, I put a few pictures of friends currently, and a good friend I recently lost and the Beatles are on there because they are my favorite musical group. The picture of the tree is one that I took, and it kind of signifies that everything in life intertwines, and comes together as a whole in the future. I used the burn tool, some shadow drops and a few filters on some of the pictures. I used the free transform to rotate and move pictures around, as well as the quick selection to cut the background out. The picture of my dad and I is my favorite because he s one of the people i look up to the most, and i didnt realize it until recently but he is one of the people who kind of understands me on a different level, and he is who i look up to, he's done so much for e and i really appreciate him.

This is my past collage. 11-30-1992 is my birthdate and I chose to use the free transform to rotate it so it was sideways instead of straight across. The picture of pinky and the brain is in here because it was my favorite tv show when i was little. The picture in the top right corner is a picture of me when i was little and so is the one in the bottom left corner. The one next to my birthdate is of my mom, she passed away when i was 2 so i thought it would be a very important picture to put on here, probably the most important one, in fact. Nsync and TLC were my favorite bands when i was in sixth grade throughout junior high, and the picture in the background is of the countryside, because thats where I've grown up, and I see many amazing things that people in town cant see, I love the nature and the sights of the countryside. It's like an untouched piece of land, without buildings, and industrial garbage, and I've always  thought the rest of town should look as beautiful as the countryside. I used the free transform tool to get everything situated and sized correctly and i used the toolbox to do two text layers. I used the opacity tool to make the background more translucent, and to erase some of the edges.