Apple's Iphone: Status, Functionality, Style, life


The Iphone has enhanced our lives and has been the impetus and innovator in technologies that keep all other cell phone manufacturers competing in the world wide market. It is expected that the new Iphone 5 will still be far ahead of the Android technologies and offer a slimmer version with an enhanced camera going up to a 8 pixel. Of course all of this is speculation and if you read anything on the new Iphone5 on the Internet or elsewhere such descriptions have not been officially sanctioned by Apple." through our Affiliates will  immediately have the scoop and will deliver as we always do the most competitive pricing on the original Iphones all with original gear" according the the master retailer Bruce Alan who is launching "The demand for the new Iphone5 will be the most incredible demand for a mobile celular phone since mobile phone service was established in 1946" according to Alan.
According to Apple the IPhone brand has:
     "The world's most advanced mobile operating system. With its easy-to-use interface, amazing features, and rock-solid stability, iOS — Apple’s mobile operating system — is the foundation of iPhone. And even as other phones try to catch up, the technologies and features built into iOS 4 keep it years ahead of the competition."

By Hollywood's standards if you carry a Iphone you maybe at the apex of fashion  of fashion. According to a great variety of celebrities use the Iphone for their communique.Ashton Kutcher,Julian Perretta, Jack Black, Heather Morris,Helena Bonham,Mila Kunis,Jared Leto, Kandee Johnson, Harry Styles, Jackson Rathbone,Julie benz,Jim Carrey,Uma Thurmanonly to name a few..

What are you waiting for, the new IPone 5?
Having a IPhone is akin to being brand savy, designer oriented and hip elite. Brand names such as the IPhone even being devoid of some features offered by its competitors comprises 66% of the Moble market

The Iphones are competing effectivley with the Androids of today.

“This quarter saw a slight sequential decline in overall profit for the sector, but four vendors did not manage a profit from selling phones. Nokia, Motorola,Sony-Ericsson and LG all saw losses.”

according to Horace Dediu who reports for Asymco “The other vendors split the slightly decreased pie with Apple getting two thirds of it (66.3%),” Dediu reports. “This share is up from 57% in Q1 and 50% in Q3 and Q4.”