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Welcome the Apple iPhone

The term i-something has somewhat become the flagship name of Apple products. From the iBook to the iPod, the i has somewhat become congruent with the wide array of Apple products the world has come to know, with a new i product for the world to fall in love with some more.

Welcome the Apple iPhone, Apple’s latest i product.

The Apple iPhone is an internet capable, multimedia 2.75G quad-band GSM mobile phone. It comes with an integrated 2.0 megapixel camera, text messaging (SMS) capabilities, a web browsing feature, Wi-Fi connection capabilities, as well as visual voicemail features.

The Apple iPhone is available in 4 gigabyte and 8 gigabyte models, which makes the Apple iPhone an impressive smartphone with superb storage features. It’s built in 2.0 megapixel camera is ideal for snapshots, which could easily be accessed though iPhoto, a bundled software which interacts with the Apple iPhone and a Mac desktop or laptop. The camera comes with zoom in and zoom out capabilities, through the intuitive user control system of the Apple iPhone.

An Apple iPhone comes with a 320x480 pixel HVGA 3.5 inch LCD (liquid crystal display) screen, and is designed with a touch screen feature. No stylus is required, as the optical-quality glass topping the Apple iPhone’s screen functions with the physical properties of bare skin to successfully operate. A virtual keypad works as the Apple iPhone’s main “mobile phone input feature”, which is quite an impressive feature in a mobile phone.

Basically, a “more for mobile phone”, optimized version of Mac OS X runs the Apple iPhone. As the Apple iPhone’s central processing unit is an ARM processor, it differs from the regular Mac OS X on Apple desktops and laptops, as these run on x86 and PowerPC ISA systems. The Apple iPhone’s operating systems takes off about 700 megabytes, with built in software quite handy for most, like the Apple Safari internet browser. The Apple iPhone’s Wi-Fi capabilities makes it capable of streaming videos, as well as sharing internet connections.

As a portable music player, the iPhone’s built in storage system, which is either 4 or 8 gigabytes, depending on which model one would get, truly gives users the option of putting in hundreds of mp3’s, just as though the phone were an iPod music player.
It’s high definition LCD screen makes it ideal as a portable movie device, capable of showing movies in a landscape mode.

The Apple iPhone successfully operates in synchronization with iTunes, Apple’s synchronization from i product to laptop, or desktop, software.

All in all, just with all other i’s Apple has given to the world, the Apple iPhone is bound to become a standard bearer among smartphones, putting the smart into a mobile phone. 

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