About the Application

Learn Punjabi on the iPhone or iPod!

This application gives an introduction to the Punjabi language. It features the Gurmukhi script and pronunciation. 
Over 700 letters, words or phrases are included.
Speakers are native. The Transcription has been done based on IAST.
The International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration (IAST) is a popular transliteration scheme that allows a lossless romanization of Indic scripts.
Future releases might add other transliteration choices.

On the home page, there are topics displayed. Each topic contains several lessons. Each lesson contains several words and phrases. (There is one lesson for all letters and their pronunciation.)


For each lesson, the content can be seen as Flash Cards, Listing, and in a Test Mode.


A button (+) on the Flash Card Mode allows to add words or phrases to the Study Plan for personalized study.


The Study Plan can be accessed via the Tab Bar in the bottom of the screen. The Tab Bar allows to switch instantly between Lessons, Study Plan and Info and Help.

Study Plan

The Study Plan holds the words and phrases which were added from the Flash Card Mode in the Lessons. The Listing in the Study Plan allows to remove items from the Study Plan.
To remove an item, click on the Edit button in the top right corner, and on the "-" button next to the row. Click on the "Delete" button to finish deleting the item.



With the third item in the Tab Bar the whole vocabulary can be searched! Search in English or in Punjabi (Roman letters). While typing in the search field, the matching words and phrases are vein displayed. Click on a search result to hear the pronunciation, see the translation and transcription, and see what lesson the item is from.
This can become easily the most useful part of the application.


Info and Help

The last item in the Tab Bar is Info and Help. It gives an overview over the language and the application and allows to change audio settings for the Test Mode.

The Wrong/Correct Answer Sound is the Sound that is being played after a test answer has been selected. There are 3 options: no sound, "wrong answer"/"correct answer" in Punjabi, and a bell/honk sound.

The Automatic Sound for Test is the setting for playing the sound of the test item automatically when being shown.


General Advice
When taking the test please note that you will advance to the next question after the right answer. If the answer is incorrect, you will have another chance to get it right. Only the first answer will be counted for the correct and incorrect counts. 

When exiting in the middle of a test, the test will be saved and can be continued later.

If your sound is not working, check the volume settings in the iPod application. Check your mute button as well.

Vowels are displayed in their 2 forms: when starting a word and inside/at the end of a word. For example:  will be written in the beginning of a word:
but inside or at the end of a word:  (ਕਮਰ = kamr = room). Note: a () will not be written except at the word beginning. See the first a in kamr.

Customer Testimonials:

Great App! Very informative! 
by Matt Srum

Great app for someone learning the Punjabi language.

Useful for beginners and advanced learners 
by JJ-new york

I found this app very useful, and a good model of how an interesting language app interface should be. Colorful character images are nice. Multiple options of list or flashcard mode are nice. And OF COURSE, like all language apps should, there is a spoken example, and no need for Wifi at all to operate. I have been studying Hindi primarily, and wish there was a Hindi app akin to this one. It was useful to compare Punjabi with Hindi and learn Punjabi itself. Probably the 2nd most useful language to know in India and Pakistan (and New York / North America too!) ...