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Tech 21 Impact Cases

The Tech21 Impact Mesh case is a smart buy for your iPhone. It's designed with an advanced military grade material called D30 (orange strip around the outside) in which the molecules of a gel like substance called D3O lock together on impact dispersing the energy providing an extra layer of protection between your phone and other objects.


   -Real impact protection for your iPhone 5
   -D3O military-grade impact protection material
   -Glossy, soft outer shell with dotted pattern
   -Minimalistic look and feel
   -Direct access to all device features
   -Optimum camera lens cut-out

The Tech 21 case has been given a five star rating by its consumers.  With this case you have no trouble
using the Lightning to 30 pin adapter with out removing the case from your phone, as apposed to other cases on the market.

There are more styles to choose from other than mesh:

Tech 21's Impact Band has the D30 technology just like the mesh design and is a great option if you don't want the mesh. It has been approved  by the same test procedure as the mesh design and looks great on your phone. It comes in an assortment of colors including green, purple, blue, pink, clear, and smokey.

The Impact flip is a leather case with D30 technology. It protects your entire phone when closed by using its microfiber inner lining protecting the front and the back of the phone and gives it a professional look.

The Impact Slip is the ultimate protection case. It features D30 technology yet is a pouch for your phone with a pull tab for easy access. Offering front back and side protection for your smartphone, the leather pouch style case ensures your phone stays looking good while being protected.

The Impact Shell case is a hard case that protects the back and sides of your phone. It is 100% Impactology approved and a great choice if you want a hard case with an open front. The Impact shell comes in black, blue, purple, pink, smokey, and clear.

The Special Ops case design gives you a  choice of Submariner, Patrol Case or the Combat Case. Fitted with D30 Technology it's tough look is not deceiving. Choose from white, black or pink colors.

The Impact Snap case is a revolutionary design that clips on to the reverse side of your smartphone encasing the corners and the back for optimal protection. The snap case is the simplest way to protect your phone. It is available in black, blue, white, pink and purple.

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