About the Application

Learn Hindi on the iPhone or iPod!

This application gives an introduction to the Hindi Script (Devanagari) and pronunciation. Speakers are native.

More then 400 words and phrases in over 20 lessons are contained in the application. 

Pronunciation is provided by native Hindi speakers. 

Lessons are grouped into 7 topics: Basics, People, Body and Health, Food and Drinks, Shopping, Travel and At Home. 
Nouns have the gender displayed. 


Each lesson allows to study the vocabulary with listing, flashcards, and test mode. The best test result for each lesson will be saved. Tests can be stopped and continued at any time.  

Want to study a few selected words or phrases from the lessons? Add them to your customized study plan via the add button in the lesson flashcards. 


Use flashcards, listing and test mode with the items in your study plan. Delete vocabulary from the study plan by using the Edit button in the study plan listing. 

Info and Help explain the application, allow to set the audio values for the test mode and show information about the language.

For transliteration, IAST has been used.
The International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration (IAST) is a popular transliteration scheme that allows a lossless romanization of Indic scripts.
Future releases might add other transliteration choices.

General Advice
When taking the test please note that you will advance to the next question after the right answer. If the answer is incorrect, you will have another chance to get it right. Only the first answer will be counted for the correct and incorrect counts.

When exiting in the middle of a test, the test will be saved and can be continued later.

If your sound is not working, check the volume settings in the iPod application.

Hindi vowels are displayed in their 2 forms: when starting a word and inside/at the end of a word. For example: will be written in the beginning of a word: ( = m = Mango),
but inside or at the end of a word: (कमर = kamr = room). Note: a () will not be written except at the word beginning. See the first a in kamr.

Customer Reviews:

Great tool for hindi learners 
by Kapil_a

Nice UI and easy to navigate. Also provides tutorials and tests based learning while making it fun.
Look forward to check out the versions to come. Great App, highly recommend!!!