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Recording Trails

Create a new Trail.

iTrail can record all your workout data to its internal database, so that you can view and understand it later. In order to do this you need to create a new trail.

This is done by pressing the New Trail button on the tab bar at the bottom. When you do this you will see the screen on the below.

On this screen you can give your trail a title to describe it, and select which sport you are doing. After you've done all this press the create trail button and you should see the screen below left.

After having created the trail, you should see this screen, it will tell you your elapsed time on the stopwatch, mile or kilometer pace, calories burnt, distance covered and speed. Before you start your workout press the start button, the numbers on this screen will update continuously. You should see something like the screen below.

All your performance data and locations are now being recorded iTrail's internal database. iTrail will record your location data approximately between every 10 and 60 seconds depending on what interval you choose in the Setting menu. Lock the screen by pressing the lock symbol. If you press the "trail" button in the top tight you see the screen below.

The "trail" screen is a graphical representation of your path. On this screen you can see where you are relative to where you started and every point you've been in between. You can see your speed, heading, direct distance to origin, longitude, latitude and altitude. You can in also add your own way-points to your trails to mark interesting things such as the location where you took a particular photograph. Just press the "add waypoint" button in the top left.

On the left you can see the screen that alows you to name the waypoint.