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iTrail Desktop

iTrail Desktop is a new companion tool for iTrail, designed to make the transfer of GPS data from your iPhone and onto your Mac easier and simpler. ITrail Desktop is a tiny application that runs on your Mac whose sole purpose is to manage the downloading of data from your iPhone.

iTrail Desktop currently requires a Mac running OS X and a domestic Wifi network.

There is a version for OSX Tiger here.

There is a version for OSX Leopard here.

When you run iTrail Desktop, you will see the following :

When you press "connect to iPhone", iTrail Desktop will begin to look for iPhones on your Wifi network that are running iTrail. It is _very_ important that both iTrail Desktop and iPhone are connected to the _same_ Wifi network, and that this is a domestic network, not a public one.

Then in iPhone go to the trail whose data you want to export, hit its "Export Data" button, then select iTrail Desktop. Your screen should look like this :

Now hit "Connect to iTrail Desktop", after a few moments they should connect and look like this. If they do not connect, I find the best thing to do is restart my Wifi router, this seems to clear the blockage.

Now that both are connected it is possible to transfer KML, GPX or CSV data, just press the button for the file type you need, and the file should appear on your desktop in a few moments. iTrail Desktop will look like this if the transfer was successful. It will tell you where the file was saved.

Having problems ?

iTrail Desktop and iPhone will not connect.

Restart your Wifi network. This works for me.