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Google Docs

iTrail supports the ability to export KML and GPX data, that can in turn be used by many mapping applications and other GPS devices. Currently this requires the use of Google Docs. Google Docs is an on-line document editing and management system, it can be found here. Below is the export screen in iTrail.

Once you have added your username and password, press the KML button if you want KML data exported. KML is the best format for Google Earth and Google Maps. GPX data I believe, is more readily understood by other GPS devices.

Now when you go to your Google Docs you should see the file you exported in your list of documents. You now need to move this to your local computer, so that you can upload it to your mapping application or device. This is a somewhat manual process, here are the steps required :

  • Open the GPS data file in Google Docs.
  • Select all the text, go to the edit menu and press select all, or press ctrl-A
  • Copy the text by pressing ctrl-C
  • Open a text editor on your local computer, use something like TextWrangler on the Mac, and Notepad or TextPad on Windows.
  • Now paste the text you copied from Google Docs into the text editor by pressing ctrl-V.
  • Now save the file to your computer using a .kml extension for KML data and .gpx for GPX data.
  • You're done.

Note - Don't be tempted to use the "File > Download file as" menu option in Google Docs. This will mangle your file, and it will not work. Also don't use TextEditor on the Mac, it insists that you must save the file in a popular word-processor format, this will not work either. KML and gpx files are just plain text.

Now go to Google Maps. If you are still logged in to Google you should see a My Maps link in the top left. Click this. Now you should see a Create New Map link below. Click this. Now you should see an import link, click this, a box will come up that should allow you to upload you file to Google Maps. Select your file, then press the Upload from file button.
Now you are really done!

I realise all this is complicated. My apologies. I'm working on a better solution.