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Exporting your data

Workout over - Viewing and using your work-out data.

iTrail is all about giving you access to your running, cycling and walking location data. Trails can be exported to a number of websites and desktop applications. Currently these are :

All your workout data has been recorded you can now see your progress on a map courtesy of Google and plot you sped and altitude versus distances on graphs. To do this simply press the My Trails button in the bottom tab bar. You will then see a list of all your recorded trails, select one, and you should then see its details screen, like the one on the blow. Here there are a number of button for plotting graphs, viewing maps, continuing and deleting the trail.

Here is a graph showing your speed plotted versus the distance travelled. The maximum speed is shown on the top left.

This is a graph of altitude plotted versus distance travelled.

This screen shows a Google map of the route taken on this trail.