This is the official site for Handball on the iPhone/iPod Touch.  Here you will find information on the current version, future features, game rules and other items of interest.  (Click the button to download the game on iTunes) iTunes

Handball is a fun and interactive game that utilizes the best features of the iPhone/iPod Touch.
 Bluetooth:    Play against a friend via the built-in Bluetooth (requires the software to be loaded on both devices)
Fast processors:    Play against the iPhone/iPod Touch with built in Artificial Intelligence
 Touch screen:
   Swipe the screen to hit the ball
 Built-in accelerometers:    Rotate the device to change the loft of your shot
Similar to racquetball, Handball is a fast paced game of matchplay.  The objective in handball is to not let the ball hit the floor twice before hitting the ball back to your opponent via the front wall.  Handball for the iPhone/iPod Touch brings this challenge to the palm of your hand!

Handball as it looks on the iPhone/iPod Touch

Handball includes these great features:

    - Ultra realistic gameplay environment
    - 3 levels of difficulty
    - Both a Fun and a Realistic (full rules) mode
    - Realistic sound effects

Additionally, Handball includes the following in-game support:
    - An explanation of the rules for Handball (similar to raquette ball)
    - A full explanation of how to play Handball
on the iPhone/iPod Touch
    - A full description of what each user option does

    Future upgrades currently planned for Handball include selectable court environments and improved computer artificial intelligence.

    Handball would not exist without the supportof its fans, so feel free to provide feedback and/or suggestions for fixes and upgrades.