A PC game that is controlled using the iPhone as if it was a gamepad.

iPhone gravity gamepad is an open source project elaborated by Javier Quevedo at the VU University of Amsterdam that aims to provide a set of tools to interconnect and iPhone with a Flex rich internet application in order to use it as an input / output controller.

The project is divided in three parts:

- iPhone controller client The App running on the iPhone which connects to the media server and streams the data measured by its sensors. It also sends some actions such as button clicks or triggers. Written in Objective-C

- FMA red5Java server application The piece in the middle between the iPhone and the Flash game. It receives the data through a UDP socket and streams it using RMTP to the Game client. Written in Java

- Flash Game The flash game client. Written in in Flex 3 Actionscript

Get the source at iPhone gravity gamepad project page