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 ive been hacking away at the iphone audio stuff for some time now, i've been to the mailing lists, ive been to the documentation. and finally ive decided to collect some code samples and post them here so others won't have to go through the same headaches i have (and still am). i am eagerly waiting for the book Core Audio (Core Frameworks Series) i've even pre-ordered it from amazon. if your into this stuff you should probably do the same, but while you wait....

RemoteIO Playback - simple audio playback, opens a wav file and plays it back

One Node - One Node is the simplest Audio Graph, it uses only one Audio Unit for playback, is very similar to RemoteIO Playback, and the code is super commented.

Audio units and the AUGraph - Audio units example, creates a graph and plays two wav files in sync, with volume control.

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