Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a joyous family festival celebrated in US, Canada and several other countries.  On this day people express gratitude to God for his blessings and give thanks to dear ones for their love & support. Feasting with family is an integral & most delightful part of Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

Thanksgiving Day is an ancient American custom. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in the month of November. For the people in US Thanksgiving is a time for shopping, family reunion, feasts and family dinners. People also take time to thank God for his constant grace and for all the material possessions man enjoys. For many Thanksgiving is also the time to thank near and dear ones and being grateful for their kindness.
Family feast is an important tradition during Thanksgiving. The entire family sits at the table during dinner and offer prayer to God for his continuous grace. It is also a time for relatives living in different places to come together and celebrate.

Everyone follows the custom of family dinner and reunion religiously every year. Distances don't really matter as relatives drive down to be with their family. Feasts are usually held at home. It is a time to enjoy their favorite 'Roasted Turkey' with the family.
Thanksgiving is a time to decorate homes with wreaths, fresh and dried flowers. People give the interiors a whole new look and feel. They light lamps to brighten the environment.


Thanksgiving Day Symbols


Pumpkins are a Thanksgiving favorite for about 400 years.




Turkey is an inseparable part of Thanksgiving celebration.




Corn were a part of first thanks giving feast & are popular till date.




Cranberry sauce is turkey's favorite thanksgiving feast partner.




Cornucopia is a horn-shaped basket filled with fruits & goodies.




Beans are regarded as the third of the Indian Three Sisters