VoIP devices for intercom and paging systems

IPefono is complete IP intercom device with the most advanced features. It lets the user the audio communication using the IP network infrastructures. 
The internal digital filters deliver the optimal quality.

It is easy to integrate it in other VoIP standard systems like Call Managers or PBXs, it only requires that the system supports the SIP protocol (Session Initiation Protocol).

The control, administration and configuration can be performed locally or remotely through the IP network.

It supports different operation modes like “open conversation” or “push to talk”. It can establish point to multipoint communications with zone selection.

It can be useful in a lot of different environments like access controls, emergency systems, building intercoms, open areas paging systems, ...

IPefono LC                                                 IPefono PoE

IPefono demo

ConectaIP has developed a new IPefono device for demostrations. It is an IPefono LC embedded in a box and assembled with one microphone and one speaker. The IPefono Helpdesk application CD is included so you can test it now. Please contact for more information and price.