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The IPC teacher is Mr. Michael Lewis.

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Bellaire High School

Integrated Physics & Chemistry (IPC)

Course Overview — IPC is a laboratory — oriented science course that focuses on fundamental processes of physics and chemistry.
Year —at — a — Glance (in order of TEKS objectives)


Sd. Method, Measurement, Safety Properties of Matter
Physical and Chemical Changes
Classification of Matter
Atomic Structure
 eriodic Table and Bonding
Chemical Reactions
Acids and Bases
Nuclear Energy
Organic Chemistry

Grading Policy

* A minimum semester average of 70% is required to earn 05 credits per semester
* At the end of each semester (three 6—weeks), there will be a comprehensive final exam or end-of- course exam equal to 25% of the semester average.
* Six Weeks grade determination:
o 30% = Daily average
o 30% = Laboratory average
o 40% = Exam average
* Progress reports are sent home the fourth week of each six weeks for each student.
* Late work will have points deducted. Assignments MUST be turned in the day that they are assigned in class; if a student is not finished they may finish (for a late grade) during tutorials. This is in place of taking the work home and finishing for homework.
* Work turned in after the original has been graded and returned will have a maximum value of 25 points.
* Assignments that are taken home without permission and turned in at a later date will receive a maximum of 25 points.
* Friday is the assigned test day for science.
* Any student who does not follow laboratory safety rules will be removed from the lab environment and receive a zero on that day’s assignments.
* Science tutorials are usually offered EVERYDAY (except during departmental meetings) and officially on Wednesday and Thursday during lunch.
* Credit will ONLY be given for work that is TURNED IN
* Tests and Student work missed due to absence must be made up within three days, as per district policy; “redo” assignments and incomplete work must be made up within a week of the original assignment date and during tutorials
* Assignments may be redone if the student receives a failing grade on the original assignment
* All students must have a binder, textbook, notebook paper, pencil, and black or blue pen.


Here is a website for you to review TAKS style questions listed by objective. http://www.hendersonisd.org/campuses/hhs/local/Academic_Science_Chemistry_1.html


Tutorials & lab makeups are held EVERYDAY during lunch in room S262. Make sure that you show up within the first 10 minutes. You may bring your lunch.