What Sort of Problems Can You Solve?

All Sorts!


The client came to us with a letter from a solicitor enclosing a hefty ring binder.  The letter demanded undertakings that would have put him out of business. The letter threatened legal proceedings if the undertakings were not received in a week. 


The Client needed a trade mark but had no idea whether he was entitled to one.


The client had devised a new life saving device but had no idea how to make it or even whether the device would work.


A client wanted a low cost but high qualify manufacturer for his product and had heard about China but had no idea where to start.


The client had a bright idea for a new service and had approached her bank who turned her down flat.

Design Registration and Intellectual Property Insurance

The Client had designed a new item of kitchen equipment which was attractive to look at as well as useful but she was afraid that her larger competitors would copy her idea.