What happens after we contact you?
This is what happens if you fill out our form or call us on 0800 862 0055.

The manager of NIPC reads the form or telephone message and decides what sort of help you need. If she has any doubts, she asks one of the barristers..

If you need legal advice one of the barristers of NIPC will contact you and either advise you by telephone or make an appointment for you to see him or her on a date and at a place and time that is convenient for you.

If you need some other professional advice, the manager will consult her list of professionals who have agreed to offer up to 30 minutes of their time free of charge and ask them whether they will see or talk to you. 

We will then call you back or email you the name, firm, qualifications, contact details and availability of the professional who has agreed to talk to you.   It is then up to you to make an appointment to talk to that professional.   

When making the appointment don't forget to remind him or her that you are coming through the NIPC Clinics on the understanding that the first 30 minutes of your consultation will be free.   If that is not confirmed come back to us immediately.

Each panellist has to abide by our Panel Listing Rules which requires them to operate a complaints procedure similar to ours. If you think they have let you down in any way contact us and we shall try to resolve the problem for you.