How Long Have We Been Running The Clinics?

We started our first IP clinic at the Huddersfield Media Centre in February 2005. These were quickly followed by clinics in other incubators in towns and cities throughout Yorkshire.  In 2008 we opened our first clinic outside Yorkshire in the Wirral.

Right from the start Business Link, incubators, universities and other support networks referred clients to us so demand for the service grew very quickly. 

However, that success brought two difficulties:
  • There was a limit to how much of the country we could cover.
  • It was often necessary to arrange two appointments - one to determine what sort of help the client required and the another for the client to meet or call the expert in the relevant field.
We have solved both problems by asking clients to complete our on-line booking form or calling us on 0800 862 0055 in advance.