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The Item Perspective Classification framework (IPC) can be used alone, or in conjunction with the International Classification of Functioning Disability & Health framework (ICF) for the purpose of classifying & comparing the content of patient-rated outcome measures.  The ICF is excellent for classifying concepts that are well defined and clinically relevant, and the IPC is good for classifying the relationships that occur among concepts, or for concepts that are poorly defined, unspecific or 'higher order'.  Detailed item codes are generated when the two frameworks are used in conjunction, and quantitative data can be used for contrasting/comparing measures and ascertaining content validity.

This site is designed to provide free & easy access to IPC-related resources including the free User Guide available in the "Resources" section.

Have a look at the Sample Presentation for a brief overview of how the IPC works. 

Last Update: November 20, 2012 



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IPC User Guide 

Sample Presentation


We're always looking to improve (update) the User Guide in response to feedback attained from evaluators. 

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