Purpose Statement:   The IPCF Youth Ministry seeks to help each youth develop a genuine and passionate relationship with Jesus Christ.  We aim to assist the youth in seeing the value of a biblical lifestyle and confirming their faith publicly.  We will also encourage them to bring their friends to church and find faith in Christ and become members of our church community.


            Ministry plan:

      Youth Fellowship – Friday Nights

      -Incorporate a time of worship with contemporary praise songs

      -Allow the youth a chance to bond and enjoy recreation in game time where they will    take turns leading

      -Teach the youth how to study and learn from the Word of God

      Youth Sunday School

      -Show the youth that Scripture is relevant to their lives and issues

      -Incorporate both topical and book studies


            Youth in Serving

            -Encourage the youth to take ownership of the church and volunteer to serve during worship and Youth Fellowship.


Contact person(s)

Pastor Peter Wu        

Office Phone: 510-494-9541
Mobile Phone: 510-579-9704
E-mail: pastorwu@att.net  

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