English Ministry


  • Continue to grow in God’s Word.
  • Be a warm and welcoming community for members and guests
  • Strategize on reaching out to those beyond our church community

Ministry Purpose

To be a community so in love and engaged with Jesus in spirit, body and mind that His story becomes our stories, which we will bring with spiritual and physical healing grace to all generations, cultures and socio-economic situations.

Ministry Plan


o   Emphasize consistent time with God and His word. 

o   Participate with what God is doing in the world.

o   Encourage all congregations in IPCF to be involved with what God is doing with the world and in the community.

o   Support each other to achieve our vision and mission through prayer and accountability. (Hebrew 10:24-25)

o   Challenge each other to keep God first and foremost above all aspects of our lives.

o   Increase financial stewardship.

o   Encourage stewardship of God’s temple.

o   Develop families who practice spiritual discipline and worship outside of Sundays; serve in ministry and community service as a unit; collaborate with other families in such service; and participate in short term missions and vision trips to connect with what God is doing globally.

o   Engage our world/community as instruments of social justice and mercy (e.g., preventing human trafficking and empowering the economically disadvantaged).

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