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  • (IP Cameras) Some cameras transmit their video over IP based networks. These are considered IP or network cameras. They can be easily integrated into an existing network infrastructure, although the impact on the existing bandwidth must be analyzed before doing so.
  • An IP Camera is a CCTV camera that can transmit video and audio over a TCP/IP network. An IP Camera can connect to a local network and streams its video over the network to a Network Video Recorder.
  • An Internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance, and which unlike analogclosed circuit television (CCTV) cameras can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet.
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The Client [Blu-ray]
The Client [Blu-ray]
Headliners Susan Sarandon and Tommy Lee Jones join Brad Renfro in The Client, a whirlwind thriller that "starts like a house afire and keeps on blazing" (Chicago Tribune). Renfro plays Mark Sway, an 11-year-old torn between what he knows and what he can never tell. A hitman will snuff him in half a heartbeat if Mark reveals what he learned about a Mob murder. An ambitious federal prosecutor (Jones) will keep the pressure on until Mark tells all. Suddenly, Mark isn't a boy playing air guitar anymore. He's a pawn in a deadly game. And his only ally is a courageous but unseasoned attorney (Sarandon) who risks her career for him...but never imagines she'll also risk her life.

The exceptionally fine cast--Susan Sarandon, Tommy Lee Jones, J.T. Walsh, Mary-Louise Parker, Anthony Edwards, William H. Macy, Anthony LaPaglia, Ossie Davis, and Brad Renfro--goes a long way toward making The Client one of the more solidly enjoyable screen adaptations of a John Grisham southern gothic legal thriller. Teen-hearthrob Renfro is a natural, playing a kid whose life is in jeopardy after he witnesses the death of a Mob lawyer. Susan Sarandon is the attorney who decides to look after the boy; nobody can match her when it comes to playing strong and protective maternal figures (Thelma and Louise, Lorenzo's Oil, Dead Man Walking). Sarandon won her fourth Oscar nomination as best actress for this role, before finally winning the following year for Dead Man Walking. Author Grisham was so impressed with former window dresser/fashion designer/screenwriter-turned-director Joel Schumacher's work on this movie that he later asked him to direct A Time to Kill. --Jim Emerson

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Max Bernstein, a charismatic librarian at the New York Public Library, is only twenty-eight years old when he notices a gorgeous older woman as she enters the library on hot summer day. Now he not only wants to become a successful stand-up comedian just like his idol, Jerry Seinfield, but he’s also determined to possess this woman. She’s Sophie Albertson, a professor of dance at Juilliard and very married. While Max and Sophie pursue their mutual passion, Max continues to hone his comedy skills at a retirement community where he’s befriended by Bob, a former NYPD detective. When the spurned husband of Max’s lover, Sophie, decides he’s had enough of this young stud wooing his wife, Max calls upon Bob to help him in the escalating violence.