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iPage was founded in 1998 and it is recommended as best affordable web hosting services provider in the industry. It satisfactorily caters to the need of the customers across the globe with latest iPage coupons. They are trusted by over a million domains. With unlimited storage space and bandwidth plan and they use vDeck control panel and allow unlimited websites in one account. They provide the best quality product with the top rated customer service. It is risk free signup and they include full money-back guarantee too. In this iPage review you can find plans and features of this web hosting with updated iPage coupon to get discount with hosting plans.

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iPage Web Hosting Plans Features

Each plan has their own specification and catered for targeted users. Some package is designed for personal website and some are designed for business websites. And there are many other more complicated packages catering special need for CMS website, social sharing website, video streaming website, etc.

We are giving them very high score in feature aspect; they offer the highest features in this industry. Their unlimited plan at price below two dollars is truly unbeatable. Here are the features and specification of iPage web hosting plans.

    • Unlimited disc space for all your websites.

    • Unlimited data transfer and bandwidth your website need.

    • Allow multiple websites and as many as you want.

    • Free Domain Name Registration.

    • Free SiteLock Security for your website.

    • Free website builder with point and click simplicity.

    • Free E-commerce online store.

    • Free Blog softwares.

    • Free script library with over 80+ softwares.

    • Excellent Technical support with 24×7 online supports.

If your websites require more than 10 GB web space, then you can have it for free. There are no extra charges or hidden cost for extra disk space usage.


The iPage control panel is vdeck. It is very similar to cPanel but it is slightly more powerful and sometimes easy to use to it for those who used cPanel in the past. Heavy tasks can be confusing at first. However within a few days you will get used to it. If you never used cPanel before then iPage cPanel will not be a problem for you.

iPage Control panel comes with several attributes to create, maintain and administer of your web site. After inserting your User ID you can begin creating your personal website right away. iPage vdeck control panel provide simple and easy to follow navigation and athletics in a best User Friendly Interface.

Speed Test And Performance

We have hosting account with them and we know their speed performance. Our website with page size of 504.1 KB is loading within 1.12 second. The average loading speed or transfer rate is 412 KB/second. This website is loading faster than 92% of all tested websites. This strongly indicates this hosting is fast and with good transfer rate. Their web hosting is simply faster comparing to most others.

    • iPage speed test is 1.12 second

    • iPage speed performance is faster than 92% other websites.

    • Performance Grade score is 96/100

Uptime and Server Rating

We had monitored this budget web hosting for the pass few years, and tracking their server up-time and downtime percentage. There has been 260,000 checking taken place and the up-time rating is above 99.99% for this year. Average server response time is great too, and recorded at 0.355 second in average.

Award Winning 24×7 Customer Support

Support is one of the major factor to take into consideration when signing up with a web host and more particularly if you are hosting a website for the first time. Anytime you might end up with a problem and with appropriate support, you will be able to deal with them painlessly. IPage provides 24/7 toll-free phone (free in the USA only) support. Live chat support is also available on their website if you don’t like to talk to a phone representative person or if you don’t speak English well.

If you are asking either their customer support quality is good or not? Or how easy is it to reach them and how long it takes for them to get back to you? We have experience it for many years and we know how good their customer service is. They are with award winning phone support. Their support team is available via email ticket support, phone call support, and live chat support And this customer support is with highest quality and highest availability.

Yes, their technical support team is easy to communicate and reaching them is not a problem at all. In average we spend less than 1 minutes waiting in online live chat queue. In some major peak time or during schedule maintenance period, the queue will not longer than 2 minutes. Usually, they have prior email acknowledgement or show a short message at the live chat main menu. Make sure you read it and understand the server side maintenance schedule before joining the queuing.

Technical support is crucial for your web present, what if your website went down caused by server error. Who should you contact to get the problem fixed instantly? If website down caused by website coding, you can correct it yourself and bring up the website by fixing it. When server failure or network failure… only the technical support have access to the server and only them have the knowledge to fix it.

In overall, we rated their customer support service at 10 out of 10. This is the highest level service and we love their quick action to solve user problems. And they really provide solution, they take initiative to investigate on the problem and get it fixed right the way.

You can reach their support team via following channel

    1. 24×7 Phone support

    2. 24×7 Email support

    3. 24×7 Online chat support

Marketing Features

They offers a variety of iPage coupon for registering a free domain. From over $600 in extras for marketing (Google Ads, Facebook ads, Yellow pages ads, Bing and Yahoo ads), to free Security Suite when registering, and free Design Suite tools. Customers also find things like great weekend promos on the site by our website banner links, and much lower prices than others for online hosting.

iPage Money Back Guarantee

Unlike most web host, which gives you a money back guarantee of 30 days, with our links of iPage coupon, you can ask your money back anytime you want with no question asked and you will be refunded for the remainder of your current payment term.

For example if you sign up for one year hosting and after six month, you decided that you need another host, you just contact them and you will be refunded for the six month remaining.

If you ask your money back within 30 days of signing up, you will be given a full refund. Of course, this refund does not apply to your domain which remains yours even after you ask for a refund.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose iPage Web Hosting

What makes them so special and why million of customers choose to host their websites with them? Why choose them over the others? Here are top 10 reasons…

    1. 100% green and using wind power energy

    2. High performance load balanced servers.

    3. Their control panel use vDeck 4 and SimpleScripts installer.

    4. Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook advertising and Yellow Pages business listing.

    5. Website builder tools with Drag and Drop features.

    6. Email spam filter and virus check.

    7. E-commerce support with shopping carts and PayPal integration.

    8. Excellent customer support available 24×7.

    9. Excellent service uptime rating.

    10. Lowest web hosting price at $1.99 per month.

Final Verdict

In this iPage review, we have tried to give comprehensive information on hosting features and updated iPage coupon codes which will help you to reduce more price on iPage subscription plans. We are aware that affordable hosting is very important to internet marketers and hence we are providing updated banners and links of iPage coupons for you in our website.

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