Apple's first iPads were released in April 2010, in March 2011, the second generation, iPad 2, was released, and just recently the
third generation iPad was released. The major change between the first two versions is that the second generation iPad is equipped with front and back cameras, making real time face-to-face communication possible.The new iPads have a better screen resolution, but are very similar to the second generation.  Educators recognize the potential of these tablet devices for improving teaching and learning, but with a product so new and revolutionary, there are no existing ‘best practices’ for implementation of iPads in education.

Your school has just been awarded a grant to purchase a class set of 30 iPads and a Bretford iPad Cart in which to store and sync them. In addition, the grant allowed a budget $1500.00 for purchasing apps to use on the iPads.

Congratulations! You and two of your colleagues have been selected as the iPad Implementation Team for your school. What exactly does that mean? Click on the Task link at the left to find out!