Columbia Public Schools have fifteen iPads for use around the district. We now have three iPacks of iPads for checkout by classroom teachers and specialists.
Basic Information:
  • iPacks come with five iPads, five power supplies, and a wireless access point
  • Teachers can choose between a one or two week checkout
  • iPads are loaded with apps that are categorized by subject area
  • Teachers will have the ability to download additional apps to the iPads
Requirements for checking out an iPack:
  • Training with an Instructional Technology Specialist or iPack trained Media Specialist, either through inservice or individual visit
  • Schedule a time for an Instructional Technology Specialist to work with you in the classroom with the iPads
  • Complete a survey after completion to give feedback on the experience
Scheduling Information
  • iPacks are available for one or two week periods (see calendar for availability)
  • We encourage teachers to have at least one partner in the building to share a checkout period to increase usage and collaboration
  • An Instructional Technology Specialist will deliver the iPack to you on the Friday before your checkout
  • iPacks will be picked up after noon of the last day of your checkout period
  • Visit the iPacks Apps page for a list of installed apps