iPads in CPS

Program Overview


The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) iPad Project seeks to dramatically transform the classroom.


Such a transformation is made possible through use of the lowcost Apple iPad tablet computer. In an effort to drive “big change” and to promote meaningful classroom usage, Information & Technology Services offered iPad grants to schools. In return, we were able to identify best practices that could dramatically transform the way teachers teach and the way students learn throughout the District.


We have collected preliminary data on the different ways schools use the device and applications, and structure their classroom around the iPad.  For example, if your school chronically struggles in math, take a look at the way other schools are using certain apps, and see how you can apply those practices to transform teaching and learning methods for your students.


iPads in CPS

Around Town
Each week a new iPad Grant School will be highlighted to demonstrate all the exciting ways in which they are integrating the iPads to transform the classroom.
This week, we will be visiting Kanoon Magnet and getting a glimpse into Mrs. Meewes 7th and 8th grade Language Arts classroom. Students are using the iPads to build their vocabulary in a unique way using the Flashcards Deluxe App. Click this link to read more:
 Top 5 Apps
As you know, new Apps come out nearly everyday. We are going to update this section as frequently as possible with the Top 5 Apps that schools in the District are using. Here is a start:
One of our all time favorite's is Blue FiRe - it's a FREE recording app. Many teachers use this App to check students fluency and even make podcasts.
Evernote is one of our favorite note-taking Apps. You can take notes, store pictures, record notes, etc.
Edmodo is a social network for the classroom. 
Keynote - a presentation app for iPads
Pages - a wordprocessing app for iPads