Aloha & Welcome

Do you have a app for everything except learning? Ever wonder what you can do with an iPad besides watching movies, reading the latest news and sending email?

Discover how the iPad supports exciting new ways teachers and students can interact, create and share media, and foster collaboration, not to mention support flexible learning. In this track we will share and explore innovative samples of educators using iPads for learning. Participants will join in hands on discovery and learning activities using the iPad. By the end of the week participants will  identify an iPad app and implement it into a learning activity that is relevant to your subject matter.

Part of the Pacific Region Learning Summit (PRLS 2013)

During the week of the conference we will be using a channel.  A "back channel" is comprised of
space that aggregates, share participant news, activities, reflections and insights
. It is another way for you to stay up to date with what participants as the week progresses.

One way to contribute to the backchannel is to post comments or share work via the Twitter hash tag (#prlsipad).

Our back channel is below (updates itself every ~10 mins.: