This website is a collection of articles, websites and other materials about how others are using iPads in education, focusing on elementary school use.

  iOS 7 brought a whole new look to the icons, which continues with iOS8. Previous versions had been realistic looking, known as skeumorphism. The new icons are 2 dimensional. The Control Center sweeps up from the bottom, even during sleep mode, giving access to some useful settings such as volume, brightness, wi-fi, airplane mode and Airplay. Airdrop can also be accessed from the Control Center. Another nice feature is that apps now update automatically in the background. 
The new iPad Air 2 is even thinner than its predecessor. It weighs less than one pound, compared to the 1.4 pounds of earlier models. It has a retina display and antireflective coating. The Air 2 has faster processing speed and better graphics performance. The connector remains the Lightning Connector of the iPad Air. The cellular version now comes with a SIM card so that it supports multiple carriers including international cellular service by just switching the card. iPads still come with Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie, and Garage Band. iPhoto has been discontinued and replaced with Photos. These previously paid apps do not come preloaded on the iPad but can be downloaded free from the App Store. Apple offers the iPad Air and iPad Air2 as well as the Mini and Mini 2 and 3. All but the original Mini have a retina display.

My husband was very intrigued by my iPad, so for his birthday a couple of years ago my daughter and I bought him the 3G version of the iPad 2. I would advise anyone to choose the cellular version since you are then not limited by being tied to wi-fi hotspots. It has proven to be especially useful in the car when we want to find directions. It automatically uses wi-fi when a network is available (it notifies you of available networks that you have not used previously and remembers passwords that you have already entered) but the data plan takes over when it is not. In addition to the higher initial cost, a data plan is required from either Verizon or AT&T. Different plans are offered, but there is no required contract, it is a month to month  situation.