Burley School App List - Grades 1 and 2

This is an ever-growing list of apps we are using with our first and second grade students.  Recently added apps appear at the top, or you can sort the list by app name, price, or category.  
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App (with link to the iTunes Store)DescriptionPriceCategory
App (with link to the iTunes Store)DescriptionPriceCategory
SonicPics SonicPics enables students to narrate a group of images from the Photos library and export it as a movie. This app is great for creating podcasts, assessing understanding of a classroom experience or unit content, digital storytelling, and more. $2.99; lite version is free Creativity 
Whiteboard Lite Whiteboard lite is a fun, simple drawing tool that also allows you to draw collaboratively with another Whiteboard user. free Creativity 
Time To Learn Lite This is a time-telling app. free Math Practice 
Sums Stacker Sums Stacker is a wonderful math game that challenges kids to stack dice, coins, digits, etc. so their sum equals given numbers. $0.99 Math Practice 
StoryKit This app allows students to make their own narrated, illustrated digital books. Completed books can be uploaded for access on the Internet -- free! free Publishing 
Spell Blocks with Sight Words This app guides students to practice their spelling of basic sight words. $0.99 Language Practice 
Simplenote We use Simplenote for collaborative brainstorming; students can see one another's notes because all our iPad devices log in to the same Simplenote account. It works in real time and is.. well, simple! free Productivity/Organization 
A Sight Words Read and Spell App This is a great sight word practice app for young readers. free Language Practice 
Scribble Lite Scribble Lite is a very simple drawing tool. free Creativity 
Read It Later Free Read It Later is one app that allows you to save and tag websites to access later. It's a great way to provide adult-selected websites to students for easy access. free Productivity/Organization 
Puppet Pals Students can use puppet pals to make narrated, animated puppet shows. This supports their storytelling and sequencing skills. free, but additional characters and backgrounds cost extra Creativity 
Popplet Lite This app helps you create concept maps using images or text. free Productivity/Organization 
Pages This is the best word processor for the iPad. You can export files as Pages documents, Word documents (.doc), or PDF files. $9.99 Publishing 
Mathtappers: Find Sums This simple game is a great way for kids to practice combining numbers to make 10 or 100, as we do with manipulatives at school. free Math Practice 
Mathtappers: Clockmaster This app helps students learn to tell time. free Math Practice 
Math Board Addition Another way to practice math facts. free Math Practice 
Math Bingo Study math facts in a fun, well-designed bingo format. $0.99 Math Practice 
iBooks This is one app you can use to purchase and read ebooks. We also use this app at school to view PDF files. free Productivity/Organization 
Flip It! Lite Create simple animations with this digital flipbook app. free Creativity 
Drawing Pad An outstanding drawing program with many drawing tools, stickers, and more. $0.99 Creativity 
Doodle Buddy Draw and use fun, simple stamps to create a colorful masterpiece that can be saved and used in other apps. free Creativity 
Dinosaurs 360 View a panorama of dinosaurs from different geological periods. free Science 
Counting Coins Just like it sounds -- learn to count coins! free Math Practice 
Counting Bills and Coins This app helps students learn to count money. free Math Practice 
Comic Touch Lite Create your own comics using photos, drawing, speech bubbles, and more! free Publishing 
BrainPop: Película del Día BrainPop videos en español. free Reference and Information 
BrainPop Movie of the Day Enjoy educational animated videos -- chock full of content, vocabulary, and a bit of comedy! free Reference and Information 
Blue FiRe Blue FiRe allows you to record audio, rename the files, and then access those audio files on the iPad or through your computer's web browser. free Creativity 
ABC Magnetic Alphabet Lite This is a simple, colorful magnetic letters app for spelling practice and more. free Language Practice 
Accu Weather Free We use this weather app when we are studying weather as part of our states of matter unit. free Science 
Ace Kids Math Games Very simple addition practice with visual aids free Math Practice 
Adobe Photoshop Express Edit and crop photos and artwork from your iPad Photo Library. free Creativity 
Showing 32 items