Photo Utility Tools

 GorillaCam Pro (paid)
  • Handy tools including self timer, time lapse, 3 shot burst, and press anywhere

Free Photo Crop (free)
  • Simple utility to crop, rotate, and adjust photos and add a border
  • Contains ads
moreBeaute2 (free)
  • Interesting app that smooths out blemishes and wrinkles!


Labelbox (free)
  • Neat tool to add a text tape to a photo
  • Great for adding student names to photography or drawings
 Labels (free)
  • Add labels to a photo
  • Good selection of labels styles including tape, arrows, speech balloons, and ribbons
  • Variety of colors

Fotobrander Lite (free)
  • Add a colorful text label to an image
  • Free version has 12 label styles, additional styles for in app purchase
Phoster (paid)
  • Create beautiful "posters" combining your images and text
  • Easy to use, a variety of effects and styles

Phonto (free)
  • Add text, adjust font, size, tilt, and color (good variety of options!)
  • Can also add speech and thought balloons
  • Save to camera roll, email, and other sharing options
Skitch (free)
  • Excellent app for labeling photos or screenshots
  • Add text, arrows, circles, colors, lines to annotate
  • Email file, save to camera roll, export to Evernote
A+ Signature (free/paid for full version)
  • Add text or write a signature onto photos
  • Many options (more with paid version)
  • Save to camera roll, email, save as PDF

DecoSama (free/paid for full version)
  • Add text or speech bubble to photos
  • Easy to drag and stretch the text, change the font and color
  • Also has cute clipart stickers that can be added
 WEBSITES These websites work on an iPad and will save to the camera roll: - creates cool text with transparency - combine text and artwork


Wordpress (free)
  • Use this app on your iPad to directly add photos to your blog!  A great time saver!
  • There are similar apps for Blogger and other blogging formats