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EveryoneCanSketchnote Practice Workbook

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 About the #EveryoneCanSketchnote Practice Workbook
  • This Keynote presentation is structured to be used as a workbook where you can learn about and practice drawing the basic elements of a sketchnote. You will use the digital drawing tools that are available in Keynote on the iPad. Drawing can be done with an Apple Pencil, a stylus, or even your finger!  You will learn some basics about each sketchnote element and then have examples and a place where you can practice your sketching. Within the workbook you will find audio directions and video tutorials that will help you to use the workbook to practice your sketchnote skills!
  • Videos that are in the workbook are also available at my Sketchnote Youtube channel.
 To Download the #EveryoneCanSketchnote Practice Workbook:

  • This is link to a large Keynote file in iCloud. (Note: you will need to have an iCloud account to download the file. You can view the presentation file on a web browser on a computer, but the drawing, audio, and video will not work.)
  • Open the file on your iPad so you can use the drawing features. This file is set to “view only.” Please duplicate the file (tap for a few seconds and then let go to open up the options to duplicate) so you can explore it and test out the drawing features. Once you have a copy, it is very easy and faster to share the file with your students using Airdrop.
  • Click this link while viewing on your iPad to download: #EveryoneCanSketchnote Practice Workbook
  • If you have questions or comments, you can connect with me via Twitter at @karlyb.
  • Many other sketchnote resources are located on my Sketchnote Tools and Resources page
  • COPYRIGHT: Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial No Derivative License (This means you are welcome to use this file personally or share it with your students to learn about and practice sketchnotes. You may freely share the link to this page with others as long as you give attribution to me. You are not to use or distribute any parts of it (the text or the graphics) in another presentation, on a webpage, or in another work without permission from me.)