eBook Project Examples

iBooks Author: These multitouch books created by middle school students are anthologies of multimedia book reports. They are a combination of iBooks Author (on a Mac computer) and a variety of iPads apps which were used to create the media.

Book Creator:

APPlied Poetry - 6th grade poetry anthology with images, audio, and video created in a variety of apps and compiled using Book Creator.  Published to the iTunes Bookstore!

APPlied Poetry: Creating and Publishing Multimedia Poetry - my "One Best Thing" multitouch book which gives complete lesson plans for creating iPad poetry. Free download from iTunes.

APPlied Poetry featured at the Book Creator blog!

View Book Creator ebooks online using the new publish feature!

3D Crazy Characters blogpost
Snowman Having Fun 2017 blogpost

More student created Book Creator eBooks on iTunes:

3D Crazy Characters - by 2nd graders

National Park Super Hero Comic Collection - by middle schoolers

The Guppy Bowl - by second graders

Passion Portraits - by middle schoolers

Swanson Story Collection - by 4th graders

Snowmen Having Fun 2017 - by 1st graders

Snowmen Having Fun 2015 by the First Graders

Do You Want to Build a Playground by the Second Graders

Snowmen Having Fun by the First Graders

Winter Tales by the Second Graders

Southfield Christian Elementary eBook download page - many books created in Book Creator by our classes for download into iBooks

Video demonstrating a book made in Book Creator

How to publish Book Creator to iTunes (tutorials from Book Creator): Step 1, Step 2, Step 3

Snowmen All Year by 1st graders

Penguin Storybooks
Adopt an Escargot Haiku - from French teacher Renee Wood

Collins Big Cat:
First Graders use the Story Creator feature in these free apps

Our book of multimedia book reports.
Created with iBooks Author and a variety of iPad apps.
 See link in column on left.

Our Multimedia Poetry Anthology available for free 
download at iTunes.