Digital Storytelling Tools


Fotobabble (free)
  • Snap a photo and record a one minute audio description
  • Instantly upload online to free Fotobabble account, easy publication!
  • Easy for kids to use
Adobe Voice (free)
  • Easy and intuitive app to create a narrated slideshow via
  • Upload images, record your voice, add musics, customize style
  • Search in app for images and icons, creates a credit page for media used!
 Shadow Puppet Edu (free)
  • Build narrated presentations with photos from your camera roll
  • Large collection of copyright friendly images, online search tools
  • Add drawings and music
  • Note: has nothing to do with puppets!!!!
 Explain Everything (paid)
  • Upload multiple images at one time into your slideshow
  • Record and edit audio - allow you to do multiple takes
  • Can also add text and drawing, can record drawing over slides
  • Save to camera roll, email, DropBox, Youtube, or Evernote
30 Hands (free)
  • Upload multiple images, record audio
  • Can redo audio recording! Helpful feature when working with kids!
  • Save to camera roll or upload to free account

Sonic Pics (paid)
  • Create a slideshow using your images 
  • Record an audio narration
  • Email finished project, transfer via wifi, or upload to Youtube

StoryRobe (paid)
  • Add photos or video, record narration
  • Save finished product to camera roll or export to Youtube
Pixntell (free/paid for full version)
  • Record audio to go with images to create slideshow (free version limited to 5 images)
  • Upload to Youtube, Facebook, save to camera roll
  • EDU version has full features


FaceJack (paid) - also try Face Talk or iFunFace
  • Upload a picture and record audio to create a talking face! Great for biography reports!
  • Download finished video to Photo Library or upload to Youtube
 ChatterPix Kids (free)
  • Upload or take a photo
  • Draw a line to create a mouth (simple for young students), record 30 seconds
  • Can add text to video - great for adding names to projects
  • Share or save to camera roll
Morpho (free)
  • Make talking 3D faces from still images
  • Eyes and head moves as the image talks - amazing and cool!
 PhotoSpeak (free)
  • Create 3D images from photos or drawings
  • Save video to camera roll or share via email, to Youtube
  • Note: videos saved to camera roll sometimes have fuzzy audio

 Tellagami (free/paid for full edu version)
  • Design a 3D talking full body avatar
  • Add background from their collection or your camera roll
  • Record 30 seconds of audio
  • Can save project to camera roll or upload via an account (account not required!)
 Funny Movie Maker (free)
  • Superimposes your moving lips onto a still image to make the character talk
  • Note: contains ads
 Elf Lips (free)
  • Superimposes your moving lips onto a still image to make the character talk
  • Contains holiday images, but can add your own photos from camera or photo library


Puppet Pals (free/paid for full version)
  • Easy way to create animated talking video stories
  • Comes with wild west theme (very limited), purchase Director's Pass to add more characters and to add photos as characters and backgrounds. 
  • Export finished videos to camera roll or Youtube
Puppet Pals 2 (free/paid for full version)
  • Create stories with animated moving puppets
  • Put your face on a puppet!

 Sock Puppets (free/paid for full version)
  • Create a animated talking puppet show! (30 seconds of recording time in free version)
  • Sock Puppets Complete adds more features, including save to camera roll

Toontastic (now totally free!!)
  • Animated stories broken down into easy to follow directions with audio
  • All Access Pass comes with many more settings and characters, including option to paint your own
  • Share finished videos to your free Toontastic account or to camera roll
 Bible Buddies (free/paid for full version)
  • Create animated Bible stories, add your own audio narration
  • Characters and backgrounds for a variety of stories (one story in free version)
  • From the makers of Puppet Pals
Art Maker (paid)
  • Create simple animated talking stories
  • Very cute backgrounds and characters
  • Now allows you to save projects to camera roll!

Card Shop (paid)
  • Designed for making custom postcards
  • Use their images or your own
  • Save to camera roll or email finished projects

PhotoCard (free)
  • From photographer Bill Atkinson
  • Add images and text
  • Save to camera roll

Trading Cards (free)
  • Design trading cards using classroom research
  • Add photos and text
  • Templates cannot be altered
 Write About This (free/paid for full version)
  • Photo story prompts for student writing
  • Options to search for ideas and create your own prompt
  • Write story in app, email final project, save to camera roll
  • Now lets you record audio!
  • Also Tell About This app for younger students!
Pages (free on new devices/$9.99)
  • Create beautiful documents with text and images
  • Flexible and intuitive features
Keynote  (free on new devices/$9.99)
  • Although designed to create/view presentations, a creative use of Keynote is to make "books" that can be viewed on the iPad.