Digital Storytelling Project Examples

Here are some examples of student projects using digital storytelling apps:
App Smashing! Using multiple apps to create stories!
Book Trailers by using middle schoolers using Puppet Pals, Toontastic, iMovie, and more!
Talking Book Characters by middle schoolers using FaceJack, Tellagami, PhotoSpeak and more!

ChatterPix Kids:
The Angels Speak! - combination of Drawing Pad and Chatterbox, by 2nd grade
        Talking Snowmen - combination of snowmen created in the Drawing Pad app with animation added with ChatterPix, by 2nd graders

Write About This:
Giving Thanks by second graders
Third Graders write and record Autumn Fantasies
Second Graders write Augmented Reality Stories using 3D characters generated with the Chromville app

30 Hands:
At the Apple Orchard by Kindergarten, using drawings from Hello Crayon

Explain Everything:
Minecraft Animal Habitats - inquiry based research reports using Minecraft screenshots
All about Bats - kindergarten drawings using the Hello Crayon app, narration added with Explain Everything.       
At the Pumpkin Patch - kindergarten drawings using the Hello Crayon app, narration added with Explain Everything.

Adobe Voice:
Public Service Announcements on Technology and Self Control - by 6th graders

Puppet Pals:
            Guided Tour of West Virginia - by a fourth grader
            Mudcloth Myth story - by fifth graders
            Thanksgiving Stories - by kindergarten
  French Fairy Tales - from HS teacher Renee Wood

Bethlehem Eyewitness Project - 4th and 5th grade students create talking artwork!
I am Brave like a Lion - 1st and 2nd grade talking lions
Cowboy/Cowgirl Tales - from Ruth Bennefield's 2nd graders

Bible Buddies:
Bible stories recorded by second graders

Tall Tale "Runo and the Windshield"  by a fifth grader
Africa Report "Tour of Zambia" by a sixth grader

Kindergarten stories using Feltboard and Educreations

           Fall 6 Word Poems - combining photography and poetry, by fourth grade

Pic Collage:
Project Examples - includes biography and country reports, thank you note, and other creative ways to combine photos and text
Message Posters - 6th graders combine Pic Collage with Fotobabble to add audio to posters about digital 
Fall Adjectives - posters by 3rd grade
Computer Lab Rules - by 4th and 5th grade
Climate/Travel Posters - by 8th grade science class

Recycle Flowers Artist Statements and Reflections - 4th and 5th grade
Tropical Bird Artist Statements and Reflections - 4th and 5th grades

Second Grade Community Stories

Kindergarten pictures created in Feltboard and recorded in ShowMe

ArtMaker app:

If I Were President - by second graders
Mudcloth Myth - story by fourth graders

Video with Dr. Seuss Cam photos - explained by PreK students!

 Animal Group Comics - by third graders
PhotoComic Video Tutorial - showing comic biographies with third graders

Note: Some of these projects were created with an iPod touch or an iPhone, but the same result can be obtained using an iPad.