Art Tools

iDough! HD (free)
  • Cool tool that lets you virtually pinch and pull a ball of clay
  • Symmetry tool makes it easy to create faces
  • Free version limited to 5 minutes of sculpture time

Pottery Lite (free)
  • Use a virtual pottery wheel to create a vase
  • Fire and glaze your vase
  • Try to duplicate vases, earn extra features - gamelike format
  • Includes ads
  123D Creature (free)
  • Use your fingers to shape a 3D figure
  • View from all angles, paint and decorate with symmetry
  • Save as flat image to camera roll

BlockArt HD (free)
  • Create a 3D shape out of blocks
  • Free version only lets you use a limited number of blocks
 Poseable Lite (free)
  • Use a virtual wooden mannequin to pose a body
  • Save to camera roll, import as a layer into a drawing app
 Wooden Doll 3D (free)
  • Use a virtual wooden mannequin to pose a body
  • Ads in free version

Video demonstrating 2nd graders using 3D apps

 CamVas (paid)
  • Amazing collection of 25 artistic effects to transform your photos
  • Must create a free account to use
  • Download creations to camera roll or share on the Auryn Cam website
 Popsicolor (paid)
  • Transform photos into abstracted watercolor and ink illustrations
  • Colorful gradients
 PaintMee Lite and SketchMee Lite (free)
  • Amazing apps to turn your photo into a painting or sketch as you watch!
  • A variety of settings to vary the style of the painting/drawing
  • Email finished product (no save to camera roll in free version)
 Percolator (paid)
  • Transform photos into abstracted mosaic photos with circles and dots
  • Also includes other shapes to use for your designs
 PhotoTropedelic (paid)
  • Transform photos with a pop art effect similar to Peter Max
  • Adjust the number of bright colors, add stars
 Vegetable Me (free)
  • Use this app to remake your photo out of vegetables!
  • Realistic, graphic, and Arcimboldo style vegetables


Jigzo (free)
  • Create a jigsaw puzzle from your camera or  photo/drawing in your Photo Library
  • Simple and complex puzzles

Art Puzzles HD (free)
  • Beautiful puzzles from 9 famous works of art
  • Additional artist packs for in app purchase
  • Note: some nude paintings