3D Printing

The Shape of Things to Come/No More Flat Stanley: Learning in 3D

Curious about getting started with 3D printing? This session will share from a beginner's perspective how 3D printing can impact learning in K-8 classrooms. We'll share lessons, resources, apps and hints from our first year using a 3D printer and offer projects that connect 3D design with creative writing.

I will be presenting this session at the Lafayette Regional eLearning Conference
Lafayette, Indiana, Thursday, June 7

Link to Presentation: https://www.slideshare.net/kbosch/the-shape-of-things-to-come-learning-in-3d-99958832

Dremel 3DPrinting Info: https://3dprinter.dremel.com/education-request. 
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Want to learn more?  - I love working with educators to help them explore how to effectively use iPads and other technology tools to leverage learning and creativity in their classroom. My consulting sessions are filled with real and practical examples from the classroom. Click here for more information on working with me.

3D Model Downloads:
Thingiverse - search for 3D models, by category
Pinshape  - 3D models for free and for sale
Yeggi - searches multiple sites for models

My Pinterest Collection of 3D Printing Downloads/Ideas/Inspiration

3D Customizers (websites):
Dremel 3D Customizers - make custom keychains, awards, bracelets, and more.
Cookie Caster - design a custom cookie cutter to print, FREE!
Project Shapeshifter - amazing tool that lets you edit shapes in 3D!
Sculptfab - online sculpting for 3D printinga
Image to Lithoplane - generates a 3D version of a flat image.

3D Designers (apps and websites):
Morphi App - available for iOs in free (limited) and Edu versions. Also Mac desktop and Windows versions.
Tinkercad - website, also available as a Chrome app
Doodle 3D - 3D design for kids, online tool, transform drawings into 3D, must purchase license
Maker's Empire - app with customizers and design tools, option for curriculum to teach 3D design
Design Something - short tutorial, design platform, also a Chrome App download

3D Customizers (apps):

Blokify - create simple Minecraft style buildings or objects to print
Autodesk 123D Design - easy modeling for Mac and PC

Project Examples from Our Classes

3D Stanley Project (includes printing with Thingmaker app and making character profiles) - Middle School
Boat Game Pieces for the Solomon Islands

Life Logo Keychains 2.0 with the Morphi App
Using Clips to Reflect on 3D Printing

Shine 3D Candle Holders 2017 - 5th Grade
"Shine" Candle Holders

Mother's Day Custom Cookie Cutters with Cookiecaster - 4th Grade
Custom Game Piece Design

How to Create 3D Printed Snowflakes with the Morphi App - 3rd graders
Snowflakes in 3D with Mandalas Free and Morphi Apps
Third Grade 3D Talking Snowflakes
Secret Life of 3D Snowflakes Videos

Crazy Characters with Morphi app - 2nd Graders
Designing 3D Characters with Morphi 2018
3D Crazy Characters 2018 ebook - Blog post with detailed info, link to book
3D Crazy Characters eBook - iTunes
3D Crazy Characters eBook - Blog post with online version of book, more information
3D Crazy Characters Animation with Puppet Pals App
Adventures of the 3D Stanleys - collaborative blog between our school and Mrs. Wiseman's Classes
        You are invited to download our characters, leave comments on our blog!

Morphi Tutorials (My Project Screencasts)

TinkerCAD Candleholder Tutorials (My Project Screencasts)

 Other Lesson Ideas:
Getting Started with 3D Printing - FREE iBook from Ryan Orilio & Heather McCutcheon, outstanding resource!!
TinkerineU Challenges
Maker's Empire Blog

General Videos:
Dremel 3D40 Printer:
How to Videos for the Dremel 3D40 Printer - easy to understand tutorials for using and setting up your Dremel Ideabuilder
Autodesk Print Studio (to prepare files for printing on the Dremel):
Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder: File Preparation in Print Studio 
Overview Print Studio
More Tinkercad Tutorials:
Fesora Tutorials - for Tinkercad and 123D Design, also Thingmaker
Tinkercad Lessons - use these lessons to learn basics in 3D design

Helpful Tools:
Online 3D Converter - convert file formats
Flat Icon - source for .svg images to use in TinkerCAD


I am very excited to have been named as a 2016 3D Idea Builder Ambassador.

Disclosure: As a part of the 
Dremel 3D Idea Builder Ambassadors program, our school is receiving the use of the 3D printer. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 printer, you may contact https://3dprinter.dremel.com/education-request. 

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