A Change Manager and Facilitator's Guide
The process of change may be likened to a journey. Sometimes a journey is smooth sailing, at other times it may take unexpected twists and turns. Our guide is intended to accompany you on the journey of 1:1 iPad implementation. It contains tips for planning and preparing for your journey, a map and travel pack and accessories to take along, points out points of interest along the way, warns of possible dangers, explains foreign cultures and is designed to enable all to feel empowered to make the most of the journey together. You are also encouraged to make stops along the way, to reflect on the various stages of the journey, to repack if necessary, collect supplies and ensure that all is ready for the next exciting stage.

Destination:       21st century learning opportunities
Via:                   Technological and pedagogical innovation
Vehicle:             iPad

Why make the journey?

Identifying what is prompting the need for change

Preparing and planning for the journey

Thinking before changing to make appropriate implementation decisions

Bon Voyage!

Designing opportunities for collaboration so your students can work with their peers both within school and outside

The Travel Journal

Planning evaluation to collect information which can keep the change on track or inform adjustment decisions

Communities of Practice

Building a school community of lifelong collaborative learners

Technical Support

Providing technical support to ensure that the school community maintains the passion to learn

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