Classroom Resources

These links represent practical, applied uses for the iPad in a variety of educational settings. They include technical documents, specific use-cases, and sites created as resources for iPad use in the classroom. A great deal of the information in these sites has been created by professional teachers and administrators who draw on their own experiences using technology in the classroom.
How To Use Evernote to Manage A Class (With or Without iPads)
The Wandering Academic site has a great deal of teaching resources of all kinds, but this article is of particular interest for our class project because it offers guidance in the use of Evernote in managing a class. Evernote is a PC, tablet and smartphone app, but this article offers some specific guidance in the use of Evernote on an iPad.

iPad Academy
Dr. Andrew Brovey's iPad Academy site. This very useful site is a resource for teachers and anyone else who needs training and tips on using the iPad and finding software.

iPad Screencasting: Educreations and Explain Everything
This article in the Chronicle of Higher Education offers some very useful ideas for "screencasting" using iPads in the college classroom. As the article points out, the ability for instructors to create packaged audio-visual presentations based on lectures, student presentations, etc., is a powerful (and somewhat rarely covered) use for iPads in higher education.

Be Not Afraid: Embracing the iPad and the Wonderful World of Apps in the Classroom
I appreciate the sense of discovery that this professor expresses in his own experiments in using iPads in the classroom.

iPad Academic
While using the Gateway curated search portal, I found a reference to this site that was created by the author of the Wandering Academic. This "iPad Academic" site is a great launching point for general iPad use in an academic setting, and it contains resources that are valuable for both teachers and students.

iPad in Higher Education – Inkling Reinventing Textbooks with Interactivity | iPad Academy
The iPad’s use as a textbook replacement (and, in fact, a textbook development platform) has been a topic of interest for faculty since the iPad was first released. This article discusses Inkling as a potential ebook platform.

Deploying iPhone and iPad Mobile Device Management [PDF]
Securely managing devices on a university network is a crucial issue. Central to the success of iPad use on an administrative level is the ability of IT departments to deploy and manage them. In many institutions these days, Exchange network and VPN compatibility are necessary prerequisites for iPad deployment. This Apple document outlines the use of the iPad's Mobile Device Management support.