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Performance Art Production: Bisexuality and Open Relationships: Lianna Walden & Mark Bentley Cohen

This session will consist of a live performance art presentation, produced by Lianna Walden, and performed by Mark Bentley Cohen. This is centered on themes of a married man who decides to explore bi-sexuality and consensual nonmonogamy. It is entitled "Bi, Hung, Fit...and Married." (BHF+M). It is claimed to be at least loosely inspired by the actual experiences of the artists. The performance will be followed by a question and answer session with the producer and performer, while discussion, critique, and analysis by the audience.

The content of the presentation is described by the authors below:

BHF+M: The Story 

"The first layer of intimacy is to be intimate with oneself," says Marco, finally able to admit to himself that his desire to be with a man has once again resurfaced. 

Marco decides to explore his bisexual desires privately, as his 12 year marriage to Gabrielle teeters on the edge of separation. They have just come out of "that long, dark tunnel, known as The Child Rearing Years," and neither is happy. 

Gabrielle's way of dealing with their relationship stagnation is to suggest they take off for a year and travel around the world with their two kids, which they do. 

Once they return from the trip, Marco realizes he is living a lie, and comes clean to Gabrielle. 

"Our marriage is over," he tells her. And she agrees. 

They decide to make drastic changes to their relationship. Together, the couple begins to explore their sexuality, opening their marriage to include sex with other people. These experiments lead to very counter-intuitive results, with the couple experiencing depths of love and intimacy they'd never known before. 

In the end, "BHF+M" is a very modern love story about two people who travel to the ends of the world and outside the bounds of their marriage to re-discover their love for each other, only to find it is deeper and more passionate than either of them had ever known. 

"BHF+M" challenges widely-held beliefs about marriage, monogamy, and the need for freedom within a long-term relationship. 

The play's raw honesty has universal appeal, and touches a chord within audience members from 17 to 71, male/female, gay straight and everything in between.