255943 - A Balkan Tale

A Balkan Tale: Forgotten Monuments of the Ottoman Era


Project leader

Goethe-Institute.V., branch office Athens

Postal address

Omirou 14-16, 10672 Athens, Greece


+30 210 3661050


Dr. Rüdiger Bolz

Email address



Center for Promotion of Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Rural Development (Macedonia)

OJQ Emancipimi Civil Ma Ndryshe, KO-2009-CSV-2004932141,  (Kosova)

Civic Association “Suburbium” (Serbia)

Albanian Fund for Monuments (Albania)

Anemon non profit foundation (Greece) 

Associate Partners:

Skopje Faculty of Architecture, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University (Macedonia) 

Museum of City of Skopje (Macedonia)

Association for Care and Preservation of the Cultural Heritage (Macedonia)

SUGS Orce Nikolov High School (Macedonia)

Broadcasting Company  “B92” a.d. (Serbia)

Benaki Museum (Greece)

Total budget

EUR  367.990

EC Grant

EUR   260.000


22 months

Objectives of the action

General Objective:  The project aims to bring alive the history of the Balkans in the 14th-19th centuries, to encourage public discourse about the rich but often neglected Ottoman monuments of this period and to contribute to conflict prevention.

Specific Objective:  To encourage collaboration between different cultural operators and organizations in the Balkans and Europe.

Target group(s)

General public, children under 18 yrs, community based & educational organisations, local authorities, non governmental & research organisations, central government (Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs), students, young people.

Final beneficiaries

General public, schoolchildren, young people, civil society organisations and ngo’s in Albania, Greece, Germany, Kosova, Macedonia and Serbia.

Estimated results

Promotion of the image of the Balkans in the region and in Europe and contribution to a common sense of history and identity based multi-ethnic and multi-religious co-existence, protection and greater access to cultural heritage in the Balkans and revision of school history curriculum in the region. 

Main activities

1.      Commissioning of photographs by local photographers in South Eastern Europe about the memory and buildings of the Ottoman Era.

2.      Exhibition of photos (in Athens, Pristina, Skopje, Belgrade, Tirana & Munich) & publication in English translated into 6 languages.

3.       Internet site in English, German, Serbian, Albanian, Macedonian and Greek. 

4.      Documentary film for children A 26 min documentary for children aged 12-18, to be included in the exhibition, to be downloadable free of charge from the internet site

5.      Educational lesson plans for secondary schools will be produced in six languages.

6.       Reports by historians in Greece, Albania, Serbia, Kosova and Macedonia with suggestions for additions to be made to the school history curriculum, concerning the Ottoman period. 

7.       Audiovisual spot (20-30 seconds duration) containing stunning and artistically shot sequences of Ottoman heritage and landscape in Albania, Kosova, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia

8.      Press campaign & lobbying of local and central administration and tourist organizations.   Promotion of project and its aims to the general public.