255905 - Music without borders

Contract nr.: 255905

Project leader: KulturAktiv – www.kulturaktiv.org

Louisenstraße 29
01099 Dresden

Tel.: + 49 - 351 - 811 37 55

contact: Mirko Sennewald

Email: mirko.sennewald@kulturaktiv.org


Association of citizens Taksirat (Macedonia) – www.taksirat.com.mk   

Citizens’ association Generator (Serbia) – www.generator.org.rs

Youth peace group Danube – YPGD (Croatia) – www.ypgd.org

Total budget

EUR 399.727

EC grant

EUR 266.677


24 months

Objectives of the action


Overall objective: To support CSOs to promote art and culture in the multi-ethnic society of the Balkans by creating and consulting new inter-regional and intra-regional partnerships between cultural organisations at the Balkans and EU countries.

Specific objectives:

To strengthen and create new connections, cooperation between Balkans and EU music related CSOs;

To improve civil dialogue practices between CSOs and public authorities;

To create the conditions for young musicians, bands and other music operators, including those from ethnic minorities, in the 3 targeted towns of the Balkans to have access to skills and material for organising music events with the support of the CSOs.

Target groups

CSOs related to music from the Balkans and Germany;

Local authorities representatives;

Music operators.

Final beneficiaries

25 CSOs, 18 from the Balkans and 7 from Germany

15 representatives of local authorities that are involved in cultural policy making

300 music operators – 150 musicians and 150 other music operators

General audience at the project events – over 20.000 young people

Estimated results

1 new partnership created of 4 music related CSOs;

18 CSOs from the Balkans (including partner organisations) and at least 7 CSO from the Eastern Germany;

Dialogue established between Civil Society and Public Authorities in the three targeted towns;

Young music operators have access to equipment and infrastructures needed for music events;

1000 project publications, 3000 posters, 15000 flyers, 10000 event programmes, 300 T-shirts, 10 banners…

Main activities

March/April 2011: study visit to Germany for CSOs

May/June 2011: regional workshops in Vranje, Vukovar and Skopje

Summer 2011: best practice sharing, exchange of musicians and managers

Autumn 2011: Regional Conference on Music, Civil Society and Public Administration in Vukovar

During 2011/2012: staff exchange of CSOs to Germany

Autumn 2012: internship for local authorities and CSOs representatives to Germany

Winter 2012: Final Conference on Music, Civil Society and Public Administration in Skopje


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Henk Visser,
Sep 23, 2011, 5:20 AM