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227131 KAPAZ Outputs

posted 19 Apr 2012, 23:55 by Igor Nedelkovski   [ updated 19 Apr 2012, 23:59 ]
By realisation of the project Capacity Building for Banning and Phasing out Asbestos in West Balkan Countries (KAPAZ) the issue about asbestos, which was marginalized so far, and actual only among very limited high professional and academic circles, gained public actuality. Representatives of various professional associations and NGOs were made familiar with asbestos issue and unveiled this topic in their activities related to environmental or health protection.
Capacity of CSOs (from participating West Balkan Countries) active in occupational health and safety as well as in environment protection is strengthen for dealing with asbestos issue. CSOs are networked. Valuable experiences and initiatives for joint actions are shared between them, through web portal and organized conference, seminar, meetings etc. Powerful tools are made available to them for their future activities (study, action plans, brochures, manuals, TV spot …)
  • For the first time in participating West Balkan Countries public available educational materials were published (four illustrated educational brochures and a training guide based on EU best practices). 
  • For the first time in participating West Balkan Countries action plans for dealing with asbestos issue on European way are prepared and forwarded to national authorities for further processing and implementation. 
  • For the first time it is prepared Study about Current Situation with Asbestos in West Balkan Countries which analyses current legal situation with asbestos in West Balkan Countries and reveals necessary steps toward harmonisation of national with EU legislative. 
  • For the first time web portal, Facebook page and online software tool - expert system devoted to asbestos are published on some West Balkan languages (Macedonian, Serbian, and Bosnian).
Cooperation between NGOs and authorities has strengthened. National authorities showed very great interest in the project activities and documents created in this project, as well as willingness to implement some recommendations from this project in national legislations.

Extensive public awareness campaign was realised, thus contributing toward higher awareness about asbestos hazards among CSOs and citizens and dissemination of outputs.

Created Network for Banning and Phasing out Asbestos in West Balkan Countries continues with daily monitoring of asbestos related activities in West Balkan Countries, knowledge transfer, lobbying and advocacy.