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227089 BEWMAN Outputs

posted 18 Apr 2012, 03:14 by Elena Ignatova   [ updated 18 Apr 2012, 03:38 ]

The Balkan E-Waste Management Advocacy Network (BEWMAN) contributed to the improvement of the legal and institutional framework for proper e-waste management in Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria, through the development of a network for regional cooperation and knowledge exchange on e-waste management between four Balkan countries based on good practices from the EU, increasing the capacities of the CSOs from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria for lobbying and advocacy concerning e-waste management issues, and raised the awareness about proper e-waste management among citizens, government officials, businesses, NGOs and media.

Some of the Action outcomes are:

  • The CSOs that were part of the Action now have the capacities to deal with and advocate for proper e-waste management. Aside from the knowledge, they also have the resources (booklet, guide, promotional materials, and website) to continue working in the field of e-waste.
  • Citizens are informed about the dangerous aspects of e-waste, and know who to call if they need to discard old equipment. This information is also available on the BEWMAN website.
  • During the Action, the project team was closely cooperating with the government institutions and they were part of many of the educational and promotional events, resulting in their capacity building, but also in starting cooperation with the NGO sector.
  • The media was present on many of the organized events, and now they are aware of the e-waste topic, which resulted in more interest and articles on e-waste.
  • The businesses are informed where and how they should discard their equipment, as a result of the public events and media coverage.

The Action produced detailed research and assessment of the current situation of management and quantities of e-waste in Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria, and many educational and promotional materials, available in all the local languages. The following documents were developed:


Educational materials


  • Study: obligations, expectations and challenges in dealing with e-waste (Available in Macedonian and Albanian)
  • Policy Brief: Waste from electronic and electrical equipment (Available in Macedonian and Albanian)