227089 BEWMAN E-Waste

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Project leader

Metamorphosis Foundation (Fondacija Metamorfozis)

Postal address

Apostol Guslarot 40, 1000 Skopje,   The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


+389-2-3109 325


Bardhyl Jashari

Email address


Partners Computer Aid International, Unit 10, Brunswick Industrial Park, Brunswick Way, London, United Kingdom

ZaMirNet,Iblerov trg 9, 3. kat, Zagreb

Center for civil society development PROTECTA, Serbia

Bozic i sinovi d.o.o., Serbia (associate)

Bluelink Foundation, 22-24 Kapitan Andreev Str., apt.6 Sofia
, Bulgaria

Total budget

298,259.12 EUR

EC Grant

238,607.30 EUR (80%)


24 months

Objectives of the action

Overall objective: To improve the legal and institutional framework that enables proper e-waste management in Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Specific objectives:

1.       Developed network for regional cooperation and knowledge exchange on e-waste management between four Balkan countries based on good practices from the EU.

2.       Increased capacities of CSOs from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria for lobbying and advocacy concerning e-waste management issues.

3.       Raised awareness about proper e-waste management among citizens, government officials, businesses, NGOs and media.

Target group(s)

NGOs, business, government institutions on central and local level, media, citizens

Final beneficiaries

NGOs, citizens

Estimated results

1.1.            Cooperation and dissemination of good practices on e-waste management between relevant stakeholders is enhanced.

2.1.            CSOs capacities for lobbying and advocacy on e-waste management issues are built

3.1  Public awareness on e-waste management improved

·       E-waste management standards and policies introduced to target groups

·       The media coverage of the e-waste management topic is augmented

Main activities

1.1.1 Kick-off meeting and creation of the regional advocacy network

1.1.2 Creation of Regional Advocacy Networks

1.1.3 National advocacy network kick-off meetings

1.1.4 Study visits from Computer Aid experts to the Western Balkan countries

1.1.5 Conducting knowledge exchange workshops

1.1.6 Organizing a regional conference to gather and present the results from the EU and countries from the region

2.1.1 Conduct research in order to analyze the current situation in each country

2.1.2 Prepare and document advocacy materials

2.1.3 Training of trainers: transfer of know-how by the UK partner to the members of the regional network

2.1.4 Trainings for CSO members of the national advocacy networks

2.1.5 Compiling and publishing a Guide for e-Waste Management based on the established best practices from the EU and the region

3.1.1 Development of the BEWMAN resource website for re-use or recycling of computer equipment

3.1.2 Social media campaign

3.1.3 Preparation and publishing of educational and promotional materials

3.1.4 Conducting public events

Assessment of the project impact