226615 occupat. safety & health


Project leader

AIDII - Italian Association of Industrial Hygienists

Postal address

Via Giovanni Battista Morgagni 32, 20129 Milano, Italy


               +39 02 20240956         +39 02 20240956


Alice Gargiullo

Email address


Partner(s) National Association of Public Health of Albania, Rruga "Alli vhisa" 22 Tirana
Confederation of Employers of Republic of Macedonia - Medical Companies Association,
Association for Safety and Health at Work – Serbia,
Association of Public Health Research of Turkey

Total budget

EUR 300.000,00

EC Grant

EUR 237.000,00 (79%)


18 months

Objectives of the action

- Share knowledge and good practice between AIDII and other existing or perspective associations of the Western Balkans and Turkey operating in the Occupational Health and Safety sector.

- Improve OHS practices in the area and enhance its harmonization with EU standards

Target group(s)

Community Based Organisations, Local authorities, Non Governmental Organisations, Professional category, SME/SMI.

Final beneficiaries

Public (national and local) government, Educational Organisations,  Public and Private No-Profit Associations, Agencies, workers.

Estimated results

- All partners improved their knowledge on national and international OHS legislation and practices with regards to EU norms and standards;

- A regional network for H&S protection and a dedicated website as main tool for sharing information are established and working

- Partner associations joined the International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA) as members

- The network activities and main outcomes are presented during the international IOHA conference in September 2010

- One international event to promote project results has been successfully organized

Main activities

1. Baseline assessment on OHS legislation, problems, needs and existing associations/networks in the target Countries through investigations, research, analysis, monitoring, study visits

2. Set-up of a permanent network between partners with the intention to discuss selected critical OHS issues and exchange relevant know-how through multilateral visits, technical meetings, workshops, creation of web-site

3. Active support in the institution of an association of industrial hygienists in Serbia, Albania and Macedonia.

4. Formulation and signature of a Twinning Agreement between partners.

5. Presentation of the new Partnership during the 8th International Scientific Conference of IOHA (International Occupational Hygiene Association) organised in Rome, September 2010 and new adherences to IOHA.